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What is Oliverlist?

OliverList is a performance-based prospecting automation platform. Our artificial intelligence generates appointments (B2B) through highly targeted, personalized and impactful e-mail prospecting campaigns.
You pay only for qualified appointments generated.

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Prices 2/3 x lower than the market

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‍Pay only by performance

You only pay if our platform generates results for you. Point.
No setup fee, no tracking fee

You are only charged a fixed fee per qualified appointment, set in advance.

No results? No invoice

If our platform does not generate results, you will not be invoiced.

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Don't take any risks

You only pay if our platform generates results for you.

An appointment is not qualified? Get it out of the bill in 2 clicks

Make sure you only pay for qualified leads by excluding from your billing those leads that do not fit your target.

Is your prospect a no-show? We take care of him

Indicate in 2 clicks that a prospect has not shown up for your appointment at the agreed time. Our platform will contact them to reschedule your appointment. You won't be billed until the appointment has been rescheduled.

Our services are without obligation

1 month services - No commitment

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Stay in control

Keep track in real time of the actions carried out by our platform, thanks to a unique internal system. View all actions that have led to an appointment for each of your prospects.
View all appointments made in a few clicks

Access the history of emails, responses, visits to your site in a few clicks.

Keep track of our platform's actions and the time spent on time-consuming tasks.

Simply measure the time saved by entrusting us with the tasks related to your prospecting

Retrieve all the contacts added to your campaigns directly from your CRM (or excel file)

Enable this option to send all contacts to your CRM and keep it updated effortlessly

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What they say

Discover the testimonials of those who use Oliverlist on a daily basis, and the impact the platform has had on their business.


"Oliverlist allows us to have a very significant impact on our company without having to go through the recruitment process."

Tom Thread

"Oliverlist allows us to increase our volume of hot prospects and to better select our customers."

Harold Gardas
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The entrepreneur in you

"If you're looking to multiply your growth by 10, this is the ideal solution."

Frequently asked questions

Discover our answers to your most frequently asked questions

How do you get paid?

We are paid on a "performance" basis, i.e. according to the number of appointments we generate for your team. Each appointment is billed at a fixed price, automatically defined in your appointment order (when you create your account). Setting up your account is free of charge. 

How do you prospect?

We prospect on your behalf, through the e-mail channel, prospects that correspond to a precise target defined on your Oliverlist order. The only prospecting channel we use is e-mail. We do not do "cold call" or "telemarketing".

Do I have to provide a database?

When you use Oliverlist, you don't need to provide us with a database; our technology will source prospects for you that match your targeting criteria from our own technology.

What is a qualified appointment?

For an appointment to be considered "qualified" (and therefore billable), it must meet two criteria:

- The contact person (and their company) match the targeting criteria entered in your order.

- The person shows up for the appointment. If an appointment is not qualified, we allow you to notify our teams via our platform so that the appointment is not billed. It's important to note, however, that reporting appointments is subject to conditions, as explained in the articles on reporting"off-target" and"no-shows". We therefore advise you to take the time to read these documents carefully before starting our collaboration, and to think about how to organize yourself to ensure that no unwanted appointments are billed! 😊

In addition, don't hesitate to consult this article which explains the whole notion of qualified appointments on Oliverlist: What is a "qualified" appointment?

Don't take any risks and get concrete results

With our smart, easy-to-integrate campaigns, you can reach a targeted audience with an ultra-personalized message. Plus, Oliverlist improves its prospecting for you over time to get the best possible results for your business.